Owner Privileges

With our owner usage point matrix, as a yacht owner you can enjoy up to 12 weeks of sailing each year on your yacht or a sistership at any of our exotic destinations worldwide. Plus, gifting two weeks of low season use to friends and family is allowed. We'll make sure your yacht is pristine and totally prepared each time you sail.

The greatest aspect of our program is having access to the best sailing destinations on the planet. You can sail your own yacht, or any yacht of similar size within the worldwide fleet at no cost. If you prefer a larger boat for a particular vacation, just pay the difference in the brochure charter price between your size yacht and the larger one.

Between The Moorings and sister company Sunsail, we have around 1500 yachts in more than 15 worldwide bases (the Caribbean, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Seychelles, Thailand, Australia, French Polynesia and more). View all of The Moorings' bases.

The only added costs include a small turnover fee, and for crewed yachts, a daily charge per passenger which covers meals and drinks. Contact our team for more information.

A Sample Year of Sailing

  1. January - Tortola: One week advanced notice use of own boat (high season).
  2. May - Belize: Two weeks of advanced notice use of a sistership (low season).
  3. July - Croatia: One week of advanced notice use of a sistership (high season).
  4. September - Bahamas: Two weeks of short notice use of a sistership (low season).
  5. November - Tortola: Two weeks of short notice use of own boat (low season).

In this example, the owner uses 8 weeks of sailing time and additional points remain.

Report from a Moorings Owner

"In March we went to St Lucia, headed up to Martinique and back for a week. In June we went for 3 weeks, left St Lucia and took a week to get to Grenada. We dropped off 1 set of friends and picked up another set and took a week to go back. Then Katie and I took a week and went to Dominica and back. In December we are looking at 2 weeks in the BVI for Christmas. So far all fun, increasing our sailing experience, and I backed her into the slip the last day by myself. I am trying to negotiate a 3rd week from work to take the ASA courses in the BVI prior to our Dec sail." -Frank D.