The Moorings is part of Travelopia

Financial Strength

The Moorings and sister company Sunsail are part of Travelopia, which in turn is owned by KKR, a global investment firm with 148.5 billion dollars in assets under management.

Travelopia is a pioneer in the specialist travel sector with a portfolio of more than 50 independently operated brands; making us by far the most financially strong charter companies in the world. We offer more expertise, boat models, and history than most other charter companies combined. Travelopia's corporate headquarters are domiciled in the United Kingdom, with corporate offices in the United States, France, Germany and South Africa. When you partner with The Moorings as an owner, you are working with a company with unmatched financial strength. Your deposit is secure with us.

Our Expertise at Work for Owners

Our bases are managed by men and women with hundreds of cumulative years of experience in delivering sailing and yachting holidays and creating consistently great sailing vacations for customers. In addition, these local managers are supervised by country and regional managers, all reporting to the Vice President of Operations.

Our staff also includes experts in distribution and yield management, which is controlled by Travelopia, and not by a third party. Why is this important? Maximizing occupancy is not only good, but integral to the success of our commitment to owners, making guaranteed revenue payments, investments in infrastructure and maintenance of the yachts.

Travelopia owns the maintenance yard and hauling facility in the BVI. Having the ability to control maintenance costs as well as being able to haul the yachts on site, especially catamarans, for their annual maintenance and emergency repairs, is very important.


Our Team

Sales Agents

Laura Humbertson

Laura grew up in Miami and spent her early summers at sailing camp on Miami Beach and in the Florida Keys, and was lucky as a teenager to have friends with boats. Never forgetting her incredible first sailing trip around the BVI in 2004, she was thrilled to join the Moorings & Sunsail Yacht Ownership team in 2013. She is happy to answer all questions about the program and available yachts in English and Spanish.

Christine Joseph

Christine was born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and moved to the U.S. at the age of 7. She re-located to the BVI with The Moorings in 2009 as she’s always felt the Caribbean is where she belonged. She loves sailing and is an avid paddleboarder.

Sam Sayers

Sam has been immersed in the world of sailing from a young age. Her journey began with Sunsail Yacht Charters, where she explored the seas before she could even walk. A certified day skipper, Sam boasts a robust background in travel tourism mgt and business & finance. Living and working in the British Virgin Isles has afforded her the unique privilege of having one of the world’s premier sailing environments as her playground.

Katy Buckner

Katy grew up in Clearwater, FL and has been with The Moorings and Sunsail for many years. She has enjoyed a variety of jobs including operating a crewed yacht in the BVI, four years as a Vacation Planning Specialist, and helping people own yachts in our fleet since 1990.