Worry-Free Yacht Ownership

Buying a sailing yacht or power boat through The Moorings is the most cost effective way to own the yacht of your dreams without worrying about the hassles and expenses of traditional ownership.

When your yacht is managed by The Moorings, you will arrive to an impeccable yacht each time you take a vacation, and you'll never worry about maintenance or operating costs. You receive a guaranteed income every month, plus enjoy extensive usage on your own yacht or a sistership worldwide. Nobody does it better than The Moorings.

Our program’s success is a result of our commitment to meeting the needs of both owners and charter customers. For over 46 years, we have followed a strategic plan where yachts and specifications are carefully chosen and destinations determined. Yachts are entered into the reservation systems months before delivery. Our infrastructure is uniquely designed to seamlessly manage a worldwide fleet of yachts, offering owners and charter guests the best overall experience in the industry.

Owner Benefits

Sailing Time

You enjoy up to 12 weeks of sailing each year on your yacht or a sistership at many exotic destinations worldwide. We’ll make sure your yacht is pristine and totally prepared each time you sail. See Owner Privileges for more about sailing time terms and conditions.


Guaranteed Monthly Revenue

Each month you receive guaranteed fixed revenue regardless of charter activity.


Zero Operating Expenses

As a Moorings owner you pay NO operating expenses. We take care of everything, including dockage, insurance, parts, labor and much more. It truly is worry-free yacht ownership.


Professional Maintenance

Your yacht will be maintained to the most rigorous standards in the industry at no cost to you. All work will be performed by our own team of professionals in accordance with our precise guidelines.



The Moorings has secured preferred relationships with third party financing institutions in each market. Financing options vary from country to country. A Moorings yacht sales representative will explain the financing in detail.



The program covers five to six high seasons depending on the location of the yacht. The Moorings allows early exit from the program with advance notice.


Brokerage Support

At the end of the program you can keep your yacht or choose to sell it. We have various brokerage offices around the world who will gladly assist you in the marketing of your yacht for resale and will assure a seamless transition.



Every year, a large percentage of owners choose to trade their yacht for the purchase of a new Moorings yacht. Some owners have enjoyed several Moorings yachts over the years.


For more information about the various ways to own our yachts, visit YachtOwnership.com.