Our Power Catamarans

We offer power catamarans specifically designed for The Moorings by South Africa's largest boat builder, Robertson and Caine. Since the first 47-foot power cat was built at Robertson and Caine's factory in 2007, our power catamarans have grown steadily in popularity each year. With each new model, based on feedback from charter customers and private owners, we've worked with Robertson and Caine to refine the design and add new features. As a result of this constant refinement, today's power catamarans truly are in a class of their own. The Moorings 514PC has received praise from owners, charterers, and the press. The brand new Moorings 433PC, the midsize extension of the 51-footer, is sure to do the same.

Savvy boat buyers quickly recognize the fuel efficiency and stability that catamarans can offer. These cats have a versatility that allows them to serve a large cross section of boat buyers, from those looking for trawlers to sport fishers to blue water cruisers.

Moorings Power Cats Highlights

  • Power: The Moorings 433PC is equipped with twin 260 hp Yanmar engines that are economical like her big sister, the Moorings 514PC, powered with 350 hp Yanmar engines. VIEW THE MOORINGS 514PC PERMORMANCE RESULTS
  • Space: The Moorings 433PC not only has more square footage than a monohull powerboat of comparable size, she has 30% more interior space than her predecessor, the Moorings 393PC, plus more outdoor living space. The forward access door connects the saloon to the bow and an additional lounging space. The flybridge is packed with amenities, including an electric grill and wetbar, and an adjacent forward sunbathing platform.
  • Economy: The Moorings 433PC has an average consumption rate of 10 gph at a speed of 15 knots and the Moorings 514PC is very close to her baby sister with an average rate of 18gph at a speed of 15 knots. Welcome to the world of fuel efficient power catamarans!