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About Us

The Moorings and sister company Sunsail are part of Travelopia, which in turn is owned by KKR, a global investment firm with 578 billion dollars in assets under management.

Travelopia is a pioneer in the specialist travel sector with a portfolio of more than 50 independently operated brands; making us by far the most financially strong charter companies in the world. We offer more expertise, boat models, and history than most other charter companies combined. This all means unmatched value for our boat owners.


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World-Renowned Expertise

We have built a sterling reputation for delivering exceptional sailing and yachting holidays consistently. Our success begins with our deep expertise in systems and boat design, reinforced by an exclusive partnership with builders Robertson & Caine.

From the outset, we design our products with chartering in mind. Even for monohulls sourced from third-party builders, we customize them for the rigors of chartering. This customization is pivotal because off-the-shelf boats aren’t equipped to handle the demands of the charter business. Across all our bases, our dedicated staff are trained to the highest standards in customer service and technical know-how for maintaining and servicing your yacht.

Moreover, our local managers are overseen by country and regional managers, all accountable to the Vice President of Operations. We also have specialists in distribution and yield management, ensuring optimal occupancy levels. This isn’t just beneficial; it’s fundamental to our commitment to owners, guaranteeing revenue payments, investing in infrastructure, and upholding yacht maintenance.

Crucially, Travelopia owns the maintenance yard and hauling facility in the BVI. This ownership grants us control over maintenance costs and enables us to conduct annual maintenance and emergency repairs onsite, particularly for catamarans, ensuring operational efficiency and minimizing downtime.

About Us
Robertson and Caine Factory (Cape Town, South Africa)
Aerial View of Moorings Tortola base
Tortola Base (British Virgin Islands)

Unmatched Value

Within Travelopia, we boast ownership of The Moorings and Sunsail, as well as a 30-year exclusive partnership for Leopard Catamarans with builder Robertson and Caine. This collectively cements us as the foremost yacht sales entity globally. When it comes to boat sales, no one surpasses our market dominance. Our unrivaled vertical integration, extensive sales volume, and streamlined logistics equate to unparalleled value for buyers.

With our enduring partnership with Robertson and Caine and a direct distribution model for catamarans, combined with our comprehensive purchasing approach, we have crafted a business model that positions us as the only source for Leopard Catamarans worldwide. Our substantial sales volume in both catamarans and monohulls also allows us to offer competitive pricing. By annually pre-purchasing our inventory, we maximize cost efficiencies. These boats undergo meticulous upgrades to meet the rigorous demands of the charter business, delivering unmatched value compared to third-party brands.

A Message from our Vice President

Starting in 1996 with The Moorings, I am proud to be a part of a company that stands as a beacon of excellence in the yachting industry. For over 55 years, The Moorings has continuously set the standard for yacht chartering, driven by our commitment to offering not only the best yachts but also an unparalleled ownership experience. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOur award-winning fleet is renowned for its simplicity and straightforwardness, meticulously designed by the industry’s best development teams, both in-house and through exclusive partnerships, to ensure optimal performance and comfort. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOur ownership programmes are purposefully crafted to provide owners with clear and transparent ownership terms and benefits, complemented by a dedicated owner care team that consistently surpasses expectations. Other charter companies often offer convoluted ownership programmes, burdened by excessive options and complexities. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eWith The Moorings, you can trust in our longstanding financial stability, ensuring your investment is as secure as our dedication to your ownership experience.

About Us
Franck Bauguil
VP Yacht Ownership u0026amp; Product Development

Our Sales Team

About Us

Jean Larroux – Sales Manager u002du002d USA

Jean has dedicated over 43 years to The Moorings. In the 1970s, he pioneered the charter yacht ownership programme that remains in use today—he didn’t just write the rules; he invented them. His innovative approach has served as a blueprint for hundreds of yacht charter companies, shaping the industry for decades to come.

About Us

Katy Buckner – USA

Katy grew up in Clearwater, FL and has been with The Moorings and Sunsail for many years. She has enjoyed a variety of jobs including operating a crewed yacht in the BVI, four years as a Vacation Planning Specialist, and helping people own yachts in our fleet since 1990.

About Us

Laura Humbertson – USA

Laura grew up in Miami and spent her early summers at sailing camp on Miami Beach and in the Florida Keys, and was lucky as a teenager to have friends with boats. Never forgetting her incredible first sailing trip around the BVI in 2004, she was thrilled to join the Moorings u0026amp; Sunsail Yacht Ownership team in 2013. She is happy to answer all questions about the programme and available yachts in English and Spanish.

About Us

Christine Joseph – USA

Christine was born on the Caribbean island of Trinidad and moved to the U.S. at the age of 7. She relocated to the BVI with The Moorings in 2009 and stayed for 15 years before moving to Florida. She loves sailing and is an avid paddleboarder.

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Sam Sayers – British Virgin Islands

Sam has been immersed in the world of sailing from a young age. Her journey began with Sunsail Yacht Charters, where she explored the seas before she could even walk. A certified day skipper, Sam boasts a robust background in travel tourism mgt and business u0026amp; finance. Living and working in the British Virgin Isles has afforded her the unique privilege of having one of the world’s premier sailing environments as her playground.

About Us

Guillaume Caffin u002du002d Sales Manager u002du002d Europe

On the water at the age of 4, Guillaume has always grew up in the world of boating, eventually obtaining a federal sailing instructor diploma. He made his first trips with Moorings in Paris as part of the charter team in September 2000. At the end of 2003, he took on a new challenge by joining the Yacht Sales department.

About Us

Julian Adams – UK

Julian Adams joined Sunsail in 2004 and has worked in various roles including Yacht Skipper, Charter Sales Consultant and Worldwide Sailing Schools Manager. In 2010 he joined the Sunsail u0026amp; The Moorings Yacht Sales team and has gained extensive experience in all aspects of Yacht Ownership.

About Us

Nancy Poyner – UK

Nancy Poyner has been part of the Sunsail Yacht Sales team since 2013. Her experience in the Yachting industry is extensive having developed professional experience as Yacht Skipper, in Charter and formally at the dinghy clubs. Nancy is also well travelled and a keen windsurfer, kite surfer and paddle boarder. She’s fast on the water, so just try and keep up!

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Benoit Tribaudini – France

Benoit developed his passion for the sea as a child, sailing with his uncle. Today he finds joy in sharing it with others. Benoit has been with the Sunsail and Moorings yacht sales team for nearly a decade.

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Jennifer Kärcher – Germany

Jenny started her career with the group in Sunsail charter sales in Germany (later also in the UK), then took over customer service at the Croatia base. Just prior to joining the Moorings Yacht Ownership team in 2014, she sold houseboats in Germany.

About Us

Raphael Moons – Germany

Raphael started at Sunsail u0026amp; The Moorings charter sales for the Dutch and German market in early 2024. Prior to joining the yacht sales team, he supported our German yacht owners for 4 years, giving him excellent knowledge of the product as well as our owners’ needs. Raphael has been spending lots of time on the water since he was a child, and has salt water in his blood!

About Us

Daniel Snyman – South Africa

Daniel manages our Cape Town office where he helps clients purchase boats in The Moorings Yacht Ownership and Sunsail Yacht Ownership programmes, and also as Leopard Catamarans. He’s been with the company since 2012.

About Us

Ikraam Galant – Asia

Ikraam was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. He studied Business Management and joined Sunsail and The Moorings 9 years ago as the Sales Manager in the charter division of the Cape Town Sales Office. He has experience sailing in the challenging waters of Cape Town, experienced The Seychelles, Bahamas and British Virgin Islands, and sailed the exotic islands of Phuket.