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Moorings 46.3 

Every boat owner’s dream

Moorings is bringing out a new model, the Moorings 46.3, to succeed the highly successful and internationally-acclaimed Moorings 45.3. Just like its predecessors over the previous 30-odd years, it hails from the fleet of Oceanis monohulls. It was recently won the « European Yacht of the Year » award, thereby amply justifying the great feedback it has been getting since it was first showcased at the Cannes Yachting Festival. 

Moorings 46.3 Saloon

The Moorings 46.3 is boat for demanding owners who are on the lookout for a cruiser which will whet the appetites of both crews and bystanders hanging around the marina. The superb design of the hull is the brainchild of Finot-Conq, the famous naval architects working out of Vannes. They have designed model with a wide-beam, high performance hull, characterized by a novel step one third of the way along, and which is steered by a pair of twin rudders. The uncluttered deck layout and the fact that the hull widens out towards the stern, ensures that the helmsman has a reassuringly clear view of what is going on in front of him.  

Moorings 46.3 cabin
Moorings 46.3 galley

Luxury, calm and light … 

You will no doubt notice and marvel at the extra-large portholes and hatches fitted into the Moorings 46.3 which allow the inside furnishings to bask in sunlight. Modern design, top quality materials, upholstery and planking…the cozy atmosphere that they create will charm you the minute you step in. 


Moorings 46.3 cabin

Extra-large cockpit and table

As soon as you step onto the electrically-powered swim platform, you will immediately be struck by the size of the cockpit: it is almost as wide as it is long and is divided in the middle by a massive table which can comfortably seat all the members of the crew. It also features novel sunbeds that the crew will be fighting over as soon as you are comfortably under sail and they’ve stowed away the winch handles. Having said that, given that the boat is fully equipped with electric winches, those handles are unlikely to get worn out due to frequent use!

Out at sea

Whether you’re at the port or starboard helm station, on the Moorings 46.3 you will have an uncluttered view of the foredeck and sails. And the ease with which you will control this thoroughbred will be further enhanced by two other features: the lines all lead safely back to where they are within comfortable reach and the twin rudders are designed to relay precise feedback to the helm.

Moorings 46.3

Feisty, but not difficult rein in, quick to respond, but not petulant, this boat was born under a lucky star. The Moorings 46.3 is the dream monohull for any potential new boat owner. Fulfill your dreams with Moorings. 

Enjoy guaranteed payment regardless of charter activity

Sail up to 12 weeks a year in the most beautiful destinations worldwide

Use equivalent sisterships with Sunsail and The Moorings

Zero operating, insurance and marina costs

Professional maintenance by The Moorings included at no charge

A dedicated owner care team for your holiday planning and assistance

Technical Specifications

3 Cabins

3 Heads


47' 11"


14' 9"


5' 9"


Yanmar 57hp


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Moorings 46.3